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progress! June 5, 2014

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here are a few photos of work that we’ve done on our little house. Shaun has done a lot more than I have, but since the wedding I’ve been able to dedicate quite a bit more time.
so far we’ve made room in the kitchen to have a fridge which involved removing a cabinet and shortening the countertop, deconstructed and (almost!) reconstructed the shower, demoed part of the basement, and have started painting trim work.

much more to go, but we are on the way!!













our garage June 1, 2014

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just keeps getting better and better!



neighbors March 25, 2014

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Your guess is as good as mine….





Homewoners: Day 2 March 23, 2014

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Wow! It has been one heck of a weekend!

We had our closing on the house Friday morning, then Bugg came in to town to go to the courthouse to file her paperwork for performing our wedding (turns out that was completely unnecessary), then our first round of shopping at Home Depot and Costco.

We bought his and hers ladders.

So. Friggin’. Pumped.

On Saturday we had my bridal shower from the magnificent Anderson ladies, dropping the goods off at the new house, and giving Jen the grand tour, all of which was shortly followed by my crumpling into a heap of pure exhaustion. We then cozied up on the couch and watched Dallas Buyer’s Club (faaaabuloouuus!) with the fam.

After that, Sunday was all about doing work on the house.

Shaun’s mission was to take out the old, leaky toilet and install it with our snazzy new one that MawMaw bought for us. And my number 1 item on the agenda was to remove that terrible shower door. Blech!! Disgusting!!









Mission a-FREAKIN-ccomplished!

We are going to hold off on installing our new shitter because once the old one was removed we decided that it would be much easier to paint the space where it once was.  Pop a cap on that puppy and BOOM. Done.



homeowners: day 1 March 21, 2014

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As soon as we made it into the house after the closing we knew exactly what we wanted to do…

find out what was hiding under those carpets!


the moment of truth

We bought a foreclosure and knew that the bank had dome some work inside the home. They painted all of the walls and ceilings a nice white (thanks, bank! no priming for us!) and had cheap carpet and a pretty shabby kitchen setup installed (it’s on the to-do list). They just had the hardwood floors in the living room and hallway refinished, and we were betting that there were hardwoods in the bedrooms afterpuling up the corners of carpet in the closets. The big question was what kind of shape would they be in? So, it was time to find out….


and to our surprise and delight, there were hardwoods. BEAUTIFUL hardwoods!!


pure delight!

Check those out!


beautiful floors!

OOOH, baby!

The good news is, a crummy installation job means a very easy removal job. Carpets, no more!

And now, for our inaugural visit to Home Depot. I have a feeling it wont’ be the last…




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it’s official!

the paperwork is signed and we have the keys in our hands.

we own a mortgage!


first little house

(and also get to live on this very adorable piece of property)


our little house in monona




snaps March 8, 2014

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We don’t say the words “engagement photos” around here much, because SA disagrees with the whole concept of them. “They’re a recent invention made to spend money unnecessarily” he’d say. Or “I promise you we will never have those made”. And on and on.

So,  we scrapped the whole idea.

And we had family photos made.

And here’s proof…..

I’m so in love with these pictures. And to tell you the truth, SA is, too.

I’m incredibly thankful to the super-cute baby-bump-sportin’, Valerie Tobias Bentley for spending two hours in the cold with us to capture pictures of this exciting time in our lives. In Madison and looking for a good photographer? Well, look no further than Valerie. She’s a fun-loving girl with a bright personality. And I can’t wait for her to do our wedding photography, too. It will be an incredible day!

Anywho – here’s more of our ‘family portraits’.


and of course…. there’s always one that’s deserving of a caption contest….

the happy heimlich

he saved me!